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Holistic Health Coaching With Paula Billington

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With Super Human Holistic Health

Super Human Holistic Health offers a transformative nutritional programme which is built on the principles of WILDFIT. Based on the Fylde Coast, I'm Paula, and I'm a certified WILDFIT Coach who has helped many people to achieve their health goals, without traditional dieting or exercise.

This is the end of dieting as we know it!

This is weight loss based on Food Freedom.

So why WILDFIT? WILDFIT is an international nutritional programme that revolves around a direct focus on creating and sustaining a lifestyle that best suits you and your future. The programme offers huge potential for personal transformation and is not a meal plan, but a complete change of lifestyle. Following natural seasonal cycles, the WILDFIT programme is a complete evolution of nutrition and is not a boomerang diet, but a way of life.

I believe so firmly in WILDFIT that I'm proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you complete at least 80% of the program and decide that you’re not pleased with your experience, I’ll gladly offer you a full refund. So, what have you got to lose?

Now is the time to put you, your health & your future first.

What you'll learn -

  • The ultimate 'habit hack' for beating junk food and unhealthy cravings  forever replacing them with healthy cravings 

  • Discover how the profit -driven food, exercise and diet industries have deceived us for decades- and triggered a culture of poor health and excess weight in billions of people

  • Why conventional exercise and dieting 'wisdom' are bad for weight loss. Explore the undeniable scientific proof that debunks exercise for weight loss, calorie counting and other stubborn myths. Find out what you should be doing instead to lose weight in a fast, healthy and sustainable  way.

  • Explore how to harness a method known as Behavioural Change Dynamics to permanently shift your eating habits, heal your body and achieve your optimal weight- all through small, effortless lifestyle changes that you'll barely even notice.

  • Why your food = your mood: Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed more often than you'd like? Learn about the fascinating connection between your diet and emotional health, and how to eat your way to happiness and peace of mind

  • Discover how to activate a natural mechanism in your body that transforms unwanted fat into energy- so you cannot only lose weight but beat fatigue and gain boundless energy every day

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Sign up for a Free Jump Start session with no credit cards, no sign up fee and no commitments simply by completing the form- Start today !

Transform your mindset and start your new life. WILDFIT has an impressive 91% completion rate, an unbelievable achievement for online coaching !

 Give yourself the gift of health and soon you will see how your shape, skin, muscle tone and energy can begin a comprehensive and lasting transformation. I look forward to supporting you on this incredible journey back to health .


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Life changing stories from my most recent clients

This is not a diet! This is a lifestyle change that everyone can do, everything is broken down into manageable targets , I now have more energy, have released 22 lbs in weight and have a far more varied outlook on food, looser clothes, sugar addiction has been broken and I sleep a lot better.

Dave, Lancashire

I’m able to choose healthy food options. I can eat one sweet thing without craving a second. I’m fitting back into clothes which had become snug!

Lyn, Whitstable

My energy levels went up and stayed up, I have learned so much about food and my body's reactions to different foods. I have lost close to 5 kilos, 3 inches around the belly area (my biggest problem area). I will continue to Live WildFit. I am not going to fall back. I am going to go forward, armed with knowledge that I know works. I have the food freedom now and can walk pass cheese and pastries without being affected.

Olivia, North West

My blood pressure was reduced after having been on a high dose of medication for 3 years. Week after week I was seeing improvements. After 13 weeks I’m 1st 7lbs lighter. My blood pressure in normal and I’m no longer taking medication. I’m feeling happier and more confident. I have a better relationship with food and able to turn away from chocolate for the first time in my life. have much better sleep, so does the Mrs as I’m no longer snoring. This program works,  not like the fads you start after Christmas and give up on before February!

Glenn, Fylde Coast

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